Free & Open Source Scheduler

Lance is an open source (BSD) batch scheduling solution.

Batch scheduler

With lance, you will easily centralise all your batchs jobs under a centralized system. Lance will either run your process at a scheduled interval or at a specific date.

Manageming jobs

Lance commes with a CLI that connect to any lance daemon with a secure SSL encrypted connexion that can be hosted on a remote box.

The CLI can control all jobs activity, like stopping or starting a job, starting a job immediatly or even pausing the whole daemon.


Lance daemon include a webgui that will help you see whats happening at any moment with your jobs.

In a one look shot, you will be able to see what are your current jobs status, interact with them and access to their most recent logs.

Lance manager is a separate daemon that can connect to one or many lance daemon local or remotly.

It's a web based tool that allow to do all the command in a centralized interface.

For exemple you can stop/start, run/kill any process(es).

An Open Community Project

Lance is an open community project hosted by SourceForge. Feel free to use it and also contribute by sending us your work, or either becomming a lance devlopper!

Project Status

Beta release v3.8 --

Stable release v3.4 --

New features and work in progress => Here